For immediate release:

30 Under 30ish
JULY 8 – JULY 31, 2016

VICTORI + MO is proud to present 30 Under 30ish, an exhibition of 30 works by 30 professional artists under 30ish years old, opening July 8 and on view through July 30.

A satirical commentary on the various and ostensibly influential “power” lists published by Forbes, Time, and the like, this aptly titled exhibition highlights the contradictory emotions that rest on the fringe of such rankings.  These lists hold a place in media history, and despite being founded on the premise of headline alliteration, landing a spot on any of them is like capturing a trophy of cultural and professional worthiness amongst peers.  

We strive to be recognized as top performers by the media machine operators we’ve never met, however we also understand the somewhat dogmatic and nuanced publication of these lists.  Young professionals are striving to change the world today at an increasingly fast pace.  We’re all racing towards some top spot somewhere, list or no list.  So while we’re all pushing each other to higher success through healthy competition faster than rankings can, we can remove the power from the power-list makers and simply lend praise to the highly talented individuals in our contexts.   

At the end of the day, these 30 artists are young professionals that VICTORI + MO admire, respect and would like to lend that praise to:

Conor Backman
Tyler Beard
Morgan Blair
Casey Bolding
Craig Callison
James Case-Leal
Jasmin Charles
Roman Cochet
Alexander Deschamps
Mark Dorf
Alex Ebstien
Sarah Faux
Dan Flanagan
Lizzie Gill
Edward Granger
Peter Hoffmeister
Del Hardin Hoyle
Will Hutnick
Kyle Kogut
Zach Meisner
Helena Parriott
Sean Phetsarath
Pawel Przewlocki
Peter Schenck
Emilie Selden
Matthew Speedy
Adrienne Tarver
Virginia Wagner
Rachel Mica Weiss
Crys Yin